Arrow Keys Are Not Working For Up Down cell And Left Right

In Microsoft Excel it has a built in feature ,that is scroll lock active for up down page using arrow keys of mouse .When the scroll lock feature is turned on by mistake ,arrow keys working function changed .

When scroll lock is active , pressing one arrow key move the entire spreadsheet in that direction. Suppose You press down arrow when scroll lock is active , Spread moves down instead of moving to the next cell.

This feature is helpful for viewing a large worksheet .

There are two methods to turn off scroll lock . One is using keyboard  and second method is using on screen keyboard .

Turning off scroll lock with the keyboard key

Almost all of keyboards have a scroll lock key . That is located in the end of Function keys of the keyboard .This is known as Toggle scroll lock . Press it for on and off .

But if your keyboard have not scroll lock key or the key is not working then you have an alternative method .That is use mouse for on and off scroll lock key .

Solution - Up down arrow keys not working for next cell
Solution – Up down arrow keys not working for next cell Excel

Scroll lock off using mouse

Windows XP, Vista, and 7 , 8 and 10 users can use this method

Click the Start Button in the lower left-hand corner of your desktop.

Locate the search bar in the window that appears.
Type “On-Screen Keyboard” and press Enter.
An full screen keyboard appears on the computer screen .Click on the ScrLk or Slk button in  on-screen keyboard .

After of the lock key your arrow keys of keyboard are working normal . And now you can use arrow keys for up ,down ,left ,right in excel cell .

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