Update Prestashop Modules With One Click

In Prestashop update a module in very necessary .With regular update module’s your website makes more secure , bug free and new features are added .

But there is a major issue to update all modules one by one that this is a very time consuming method for big websites .

There is one method to update all Prestashop module with just one click .

Go to “Module and services”

Login to your Prestashop admin dashboard . In the left side menu select “Modules and services” tab and then click on it .

Update Prestashop Modules with one click
Update Prestashop Modules with one click

Check For Updates and Update module

On the top menu click on “Check for update” icon to check if any update are available for module . If update are available the click on “Update all” button on the top right upper corner of screen .

Check For Updates
Check For Updates

All of module s if these are installed or uninstalled are updated shortly . This is the best way to update all of module with one click .

Note: Keep update regularly to your Prestashop module to be secure and bug free , if it is free or premium .