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Upgrade Firmware TP-Link ADSL Modem Router


Step by step guide to upgrade firmware of TP-Link Modem Router

To upgrade firmware (software) Tp-Link ADSL Modem Router follow these steps . Read this what is firmware

  • Find your device model .
  • Verify firmware version of your modem router .
  • Download compatible version firmware from tp-link website .
  • Upload firmware version to ADSL modem router .
  • Install it and restart it .


Before go ahead ,take care about following instructions .

  • Upgrade only using LAN. Don’t use wireless connection or Wi-Fi for upgrade .
  • Keep backup of modem settings of  on pc . If you don’t know how to do backup ,then write down all setting on paper before upgrade . After upgrade firmware you need to set these settings again .
  • Don’t power off  modem or router during upgrade .
  • It is recommended to use internet explorer to upgrade it .

Find ADSL Modem Router Model

First step is find your ADSL modem router model name .


Model name: Tp-Link 54 mbps ADSL Modem Router .

Model Number : TD-W8101G

Verify Hardware Firmware Version

Before download upgrade software find write version of firmware . If you download and install wrong firmware then it may cause damage your device .

To find firmware version take the TP-Link Modem Router in hand and see the back side of device . As shown in image bellow ,firmware is written bellow the bar code area  .

Example : it looks like |”ver 1.1” in following image . Your Adsl modem router model number is also seen here such as “TD- W8101G


TP-Link Upgrade Firmware Version
TP-Link Upgrade Firmware Version

Download compatible software version

After find right version software (firmware) go to tp-link website download center . Download same version of software from website .

Select And Download Firmware
Select And Download Firmware

Suppose on hardware firmware version is “v 3” then download same software from website . Then you can select firmware versions “v 3.1” or “v 3.2”  etc or latest release of “V 3” .

Upload software to ADSL router and install

Know it’s time to install new upgrade version . Login to modem router . Go to top menu of modem and click on “Maintenance” tab .

Login to Tp-link ADSL Modem Router
Login to Tp-link ADSL Modem Router

In Maintenance page click on “Firmware” tab . Click on choose file button and select firmware file from your local drive .

Click “Upgrade” button . This will take 5-10 minutes to upgrade . After that restart Modem router . Know your TP-Link ADSL Modem Router is upgraded .