What Is URI

URI stands for uniform resource identifier . A Uniform Resource Identifier is a string of characters . It is used to identify the name of a resource.

After identify resource interaction or communication started over a network . World Wide Web, use specific protocols. These protocols represents with it’s short name . Such as Hyper text transfer protocol sign is “http” and

Difference Between URL And URI

URL (Uniform Resource Locator ) and URI (Uniform Resource Identifier ) terms are slightly confusing to understand .

Both terms are not completely different from each other . Remember one single line that can solve this confusion is .

URL is a small part of URI 

It means both of terms are related to each other . URL is the location of the resource and Uniform resource identifier is the Identifier of the resource .


Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is just like street address of a person . And Uniform resource identifier is the way to identify the person’s address .