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What is VPS Hosting – Virtual Private Server


What is Virtual Private Server (VPS)

VPS hosting is type of web hosting . VPS hosting stands Virtual Private Server . Learn about what is server . Virtual means not existed physically .

Private means Personal . So it means VPS means private server that not exist physically . A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine . Is is sold as a service by an Internet hosting service providers .


It runs its own copy of an operating system . Customers have super user access on this operating system . They can install any software that runs on Operating System .

VPS is also called a virtual dedicated server (VDS) . A virtual server looks like a dedicated server to its customer . It is actually installed on a server computer . This computer serve multiple Web sites .

In this type of single computer can have more than one Virtual Private Servers . Each VPS has installed own operating system . Custom have full control on its own VPS .

Virtual Private Server -VPS
Virtual Private Server -VPS

Benefits Of Virtual private Server

Benefit #1

Stability and reliability for basic web hosting need .Virtual Private Server is more reliable than shared hosting . It is also economic .

Benefit #2

In this type of web hosting customer have more control on server as compare to shared hosting . If you need a custom software on your server , you can install it without wait, your hosting provider to support it.

Benefit #3

Virtual private server hosting less expensive than dedicated server . But services your are provided like dedicated server . So it is a good solution for small ,business websites .


Disadvantage #1

In this type of hosting platforms users share software components. This sharing may result inability of server and make it less secure .

Disadvantage #2

If your hosting provider hosted multiple sites on the same IP address the it may be banned by search engines or it impact on your website seo . Learn what it SEO .