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Web Browser -Definition and Working of Web browser


What is web browser

Browser are enable to talk to the web servers to exchange the information . Browser implements communication protocols (rules) to communication to web server .

Web browsers are used to send information to web server and receive information from server in human understandable format .

Web Browsers Working
Web Browsers Working

There are number are web browsers popular on internet . So of popular web browsers are as follows

How Web Browser Works

Web browsers implement rules of HTTP to find and display content . HTTP rules are known as Hypertext Transfer Protocol . You type website url in it to access the website . It interchange the information with web server get the results . This information interchanged in basically two parts .

To communicate with web server it user basically two parts .

  • Request 
  • Response

In the request part web browser send request to server to provide the information or data . When you type and website url in adress field of browser and hit enter , then browser request to web server to provide information . It is request part .

After send request to provide information ,web server send information about website to it ,in form of HTML format . HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language .  This is response part . It get the information or data sent by web server and translate the data in understandable format for us .

address bar of web browser
address bar of web browser


URL is written as the website as http://www.example.com . know understand the working of web browser by understand url .

Click here to learn what is url and how it works .

By submitting URL , http://example.com keyword tells the browser ,to send request the web server and follow the HTTP rules to send request .

In next browser request information about specific domain example.com . Learn What is Domain .

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