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What Is A Web Server, How It Works


What Is A Web Server

Web Server is a application or a program that is compatible to communicate with other computers to send and receive information . Webserver is compatible to receive client request and send the required information .

Web Server using the client/server model and the World Wide Web’s Hypertext Transfer Protocol ( HTTP ) for serves the files that form Web pages to Web users . Every Website on the Internet that contains a Web page must have a Web server program.

For example there are main two leading Web servers.First one is Apache .This is  the most widely-installed Web server .And the second is Microsoft’s Internet Information Server ( IIS ).

What Is A Web Server, How It Works
What Is A Web Server, How It Works

How a web server works

Understanding the working of web server is very simple with simple example .When you type the website’s url in the web browser and click enter .The web browser request to the server for provide the data of specific address.

The server response the request and return the data as html to the browser .The browser render the html and the website is visualize to us.

For example  when someone type the web adrress  http://tectrick.org in web browser and click enter.The browser send request to the web server for serve the content of http://tectrick.org  .

This page is located on the server’s hard drive, there is a root directory, which might be called something like C:\Web Content\tectrick When you type http://tectrick.org into the URL field of your Web browser, the server will first look in that root directory for the sub directory if any.

Once it root directory has foundserver send the requested webpage in html format to the browser.If no specific filename was requested (say you enter: http://tectrick.org), the server understands that you want the index file for that directory and delivers it to you.

who create the web server

 NeXT workstation was used by Tim Berners-Lee as the first Web server on the World Wide Web. The document resting on the keyboard is a copy of “Information Management: A Proposal,” which was Tim Berners-Lee’s original proposal for the World Wide Web.