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Website Verification Methods Google Webmaster Tools


Step by step website verification  for google webmaster tools

What is website verification

After create google webmaster account website verification is required. Without website verification you can’t see and maintain ,stats and data of your website. After website verification you specify that you are owner of the website or you have authority to edit website pages.

Click on Verification details
Click on Verification details

Google provide five methods to verify website ownership.

To Verify your website ownership click on the gear icon. Gear icon is place on upper right side of  google webmaster dashboard. On the gear icon click on “verification details“. Select one on the method to verify website.

Bellow i explain step by step website verification all methods.

HTML File Upload method

verify website by html file upload
verify website by html file upload

This is the recommended method by google for website verification. To verify website with this method select “HTML file upload“.  Click on the link “this HTML verification file” . Save this file on anywhere on desktop.

Upload this file on the root folder of the website. Upload this file by using directly cPanel or upload by filezilla. After upload file click verify button .

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Add meta tag to site’s home page

Second method is add meta tag to website’s homepage. To use this option select “HTML Tag“.  After select this option a meta tag is displayed like following.

<meta name="google-site-verification" content="dpUSw__wLr5VzJPcdzpzUUnkTFtZzrvVfCkdpiQ9OHo" />

Copy and paste this type of tag from your website verification page to home page html. Place this code between <head> place tag here </head>. After do this click to verify button.

To verify website ownership only one type of verification is required. And it is recommended to use only HTML File Upload method to verify website.