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What are active server pages Or ASP ? and its working


ASP or active server pages is a Microsoft Technology.ASP is a program that runs inside IIS.IIS stands for Internet Information Services.The active platform reflects micosoft’s ideas about how a desktop computer and a server computer should communicate.Active server pages work with two parts.The Active desktop and the active server.Active desktop refers to the client side desktop and where HTML files are displayed on the web browser is called Active server.Active server refers to server side component.This means which web pages are interpreted by the server ,known as Active Server Pages.

Features of ASP or Active server pages.

  • An Active Server Pages file is just the same as an HTML file
  • An ASP or active server pages file can contain text, HTML, XML, and scripts
  • All the scripts included in an ASP file are executed on the server
  • An ASP or active server pages file has the file extension “.asp”
What are active server pages Or ASP
What are active server pages Or ASP

Internet served as a medium for members of government and education institutions to communicate.With the use of World Wide Web ,the internet became a multimedia,user friendly environment.In early days of World Wide Web and HTML was used to create  static web pages. But with th active server pages or asp you can create dynamic web pages in many ways.Microsoft solution to building dynamic web pages is through the use of active server pages.

Active server pages Parts

Active server pages requires two parts for working.

  • Programmatic code
  • Embedded Html

Programmatic code

The programmatic code can be written  in a number of scripting languages. Scripting languages is a particular sytax used to execute commands on a computer. Some popular web related scripting languages include Vb Script and java script. When creating an ASP page, you can use one of four programming languages.

  • VB script
  • JScript or java script
  • Perl Script
  • Python

Most Active server pages  are created using VB script as it had the most english like syntax of the four scripting languages and is similar to Visual basic syntax.

Embedded HTML

Second part of Active Server Pages is embedded HTML.This allows for existing static web pages to be easily converted into dynamic ASP pages.An Active server page or ASP page must contain and .asp extension