What is URL

Url is the short form of uniform source locator. URL is specific location of file on a computer network or internet.For example “http://tectrick.org/category/internet/” is a Url. A uniform resource locator has two parts.

Protocol identifier and resource name.So the urls format are as following .

 protocol id://resource name/File location

Protocol Identifier in Url

First Part of Url known as Protocol identifier. In the example url “http” is protocol. Protocol identifier and the resource name are separated by a colon ( : )and two forward ( // ) slashes. HTTP is hyper text transfer protocol.

HTTP is used to serve hypertext documents. So urls starts with http:// . All uniform resource locator or urls are not started with http. Many other protocols are .used. For example ftp also is another protocol

What is a Url or Uniform Source Locator
What is a Url or Uniform Source Locator

Resource name in Url

Second part of url is resource name.Resource name is Ip address or domain name. In the example url “tectrick.org” is domain name. After that “category/internet” means requested webpage or file name “internet” located under “category” folder under ” tectrick.org”  domain name.

The resource name is also complete address of a resource. Format of the resource name depend protocol used.Resource name contains one or more of the components:Host name,File name, Port number, Reference.

  • Host name is the name of the machine on which the resource lives.
  • File name is the path or location of the file on the machine or network or server computer.
  • Port number is the number to which to connect. Port number is typically optional component of uniform resource locator.
  • Reference to a named anchor within a resource identifies a specific location within a file.Refernce is also typically optional component of uniform resource locator.