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What Is Alexa Rank -How To Find Alexa Traffic Rank


What is alexa

Alexa.com is a website ,subsidiary of amazon.com . Alexa audit the website’s traffic metrics and display them publicly or personally . It is a California-based company that specializes in providing commercial web traffic data .

This traffic matrix is gathered through toolbars and web browser extensions.

Wha Is Alexa Rank

This company done most of notable activities . Alexa Rank is a metric of specific website . It is calculated by an algorithm create by alexa.com . With this algorithm traffic data is audited ,compared and ranked by the algorithm .

Suppose a website www.example.com submit to alexa for audit and rank it , then it audit the www.example.com site’s traffic .

For audit the site different type of data is gathered .

After that this data is analyzed by the algorithm and ranked it after compare this matric with other sites .  This is called “Alexa Rank” . These calculations are done on daily basics .

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In directly Alexa rank tells that what is the growth rate of  your website .

How To Check Alexa Rank

You can check any website’s alexa rank which is submitted to alexa.com . To check website’s rank you have many options . You can rank direct through www.alexa.com .

Enter site name to check alexa rank
Enter site name to check alexa rank

Enter domain Name In Text Field

In the upper right side on main page a text box is displayed . Enter website domain name or url in the text box and click find button . Website’s traffic rank is displayed in the page .

global rank and local rank
global rank and local rank

Traffic Rank Is Displayed As

  • In this image “Global Rank” 128,450 . It means global rank of the website is 128,450
  • In this image Rank in india represents local rank of the website . Which country is local ,this is set by the website owner or developer . Rank in india 14,909 .
Data matrics
Data metrics

In next section you can see daily pageviews ,how much time spend visitor on this site and bounce rate of the website .

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Comparison with other websites

You can also compare one web site metrics with other one or more websites rank . To compare this ,in the left menu click on the link site comparisons . This link is only clickable if you have a alexa account and you sign in the account .

To create alexa account read this .

After sign in you account click on the link site comparisons .

Traffic Rank Comparision
Traffic Rank Comparison

In the highlighted text field right the second website’s name or url and hit enter button from keyboard .

comparison graph
comparison graph

website’s metrics of both websites and displayed in the graph just like showing in upper image .

Video Help

Note :For more details see the video