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What is Android One and Its Features


What is Android One and Its Features

What is Android One

Android is a operating system for smartphones.Google is the developer of Android.Know Google launch Android One Project for smartphones.Under this Project,All android smartphones users Get a stranded smartphone operated by google opetrating system Android Kit kat 4.4. Smartphone user will get a full featured smartphone, controlled by google. Android One is launched from india on 15 sep 2014. Mr Sunder Pichai sen. wise president launch the android one project from Delhi (India).

What is Android One and Its Features
What is Android One and Its Features

Features Of Android One Project

  • Android 1 is helpful innovations like voice commands .Android 1 clever engineering helps to phone run faster, last longer.Android one smartphones take more stunning photos.
  • Android 1 phone Start with a fresh home screen .Home Screen can be customize it with your favorite Android Apps .Yours Smartphone wallpaper to make it exactly the way you want it.
  • You Can Unlock your phone with a password, pattern. You Can Unlock Your android one smartphone even using the image of your face.
  • In the condition of your android 1 smartphone loss , you can find it. User can lock the android one smartphone remotely. You can  delete your content remotely using Android Device Manager.
  • Cheap and Economic Smartphone manufacture companies modified the android and create his own mobile operating system.For this reason smartphone user cannot have a full featured phone. But in Android one companies cannot do any change in the android one. So user can get full updates and  features provided by Google.
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Google set the minimum requirement standards for smartphone manufacturer companies.These minimum requirments are.

  • Smart phone Screen minimum 4.5 inch.
  • Operating system is Kitkat 4.4.
  • smartphone processor must is 1.3 GZ ,  1 GB
  • Main camera must 5 mega pixel and front camera 2 mega pixel
  • Smartphone  internal storage minimum 4 Gb and expandable upto 32 Gb
  • Battery 1700 mah