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What Is Backlink How Backlinks Helps To Improve Website Traffic


What is Backlink

A backlink is a hyperlink which comes from one website to other website . It is also known as incoming link or inward link .


www.tectrick.com is a blog. An other website www.youtube.com has a hyperlink which comes to tectrick.org . When visitor comes to youtube and click on tectrick.org link ,it redirect to http://tectrick.org . Now this is known as tectrick.org backlink .

back-link example
back-link example

Basicaly backlinks can devided into two categories . One is quality of back link . And second is type of links .

Quality Of back links

Good quality back link and quality back link  . Main factor that impact on your website that is quality of back link . A good quality link is that when it is refereed by a reputed website .

Good quality and Poor Quality BackLink
Good quality and Poor Quality BackLink


But a low quality links are that when they referred by a non reputed or low traffic website .

A good quality backlink helps to improve website traffic and ranking . But on the other side a low quality link have negative impact on website ranking and seo .


A website www.example.com have backlink from www.facebook.com Or one of the facebook.cam page have a hyperlink which redirect to example.com . facebook.com have good ranking and high traffic itself . It that case this is a good quality backlink.

A website www.example.com many incoming links from website which have low traffic and week reputation on internet . All of that as known as low quality backlinks . They have negative impact on example.com and may cause low traffic on it .

So quality is most important than quality of a backlink

Type of Back-links

There are two types of back-links . Do follow link and No follow Links . Both are the values of attribute “rel” .


<a href=”http://www.google.com/” rel=”nofollow”>Google</a>

<a href=”http://www.google.com/” rel=”dofollow”>Google</a>

These are used to instruct search engines bots that a hyperlink should influence link target’s ranking or no influence in the search engine’s index.

How They Impact On Search Results

Good quality backlinks have great impact on search results . Search engine’s algoritham calculate the backlinks and read about the quality of link incoming sources to decide about the quality of website .

Backlink - Content Quality Assurance
Content Quality Assurance


To understand this with this example .Suppose www.facebook.com is a website . There are many incoming links coming to facebook.com from other reputed websites such as twitter ,pinterest or linkedin  .

Search engine’s such as google bot read these links and decide that facebook.com have debatable content or facebook.com have popular content which is liked on internet top reputed website. This way rank of facebook.com in google search is increased .

Conclusion : In short good backlink is as a quality assurance of an website . So focus on content quality . Make your content debatable or readable by other . After that gaining quality back-links is easy to you . Making quality back-links is good strategy to improve search rank . But don’t try bad practices such as purchase back-link .