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What is Computer Software Or Computer Application


What Is Computer Software ?

Computer software or computer application is an set of instructions that are readable by the machine or hardware.These machine-readable instructions tell a computer‘s processor to perform specific operations. Computer software or computer application is contrast with computer hardware.Computer hardware is the physical component of computers or any machine.

Computer software is executable codes.It includes computer programs ,documentation and libraries .The code are write in special code language. central processing unit (CPU) read these instructions or code language and tell the computer to  do specific operation and when.

what is computer application or computer software
what is computer application or computer software

Types of computer software’s or computer applications

  • System Softwares
  • Application softwares
  • Programming languages

System Software

System software is also known as operating system softwares or operating softwares.This type of application is used by the computer hardware to translate programming codes into machines language inputs .The Operating system coordinates the hardware components of a computer .Microsoft windows is one of the example of the system software.Windows is a system software or an Operating system.

Application software

Application software’s are a set of one or more programs or codes . Application softwares are designed to carry out operations for a specific application. Application softwares cannot run or execute itself.It is depend on system softwares to execute or run.Microsoft Office,Adobe Photoshop,Acrobat Reader,internet Explorer,Media Player are some famous examples of application softwares.

Programming languages

A programming language is a special computer language. Programming language is used by the computer programmers to develop application softwares, system softwares, scripts, or any other set of instructions for computers to execute.C++,Java,Visual Basic ,HTML, is some examples of programming language.Java is used for internet applications. C++ is a famous basic language used by professional developers for develop computer applications and operating system development. HTML is another language used for internet applications or creat websites.