What Is Darknet

A darknet or Dark Net is a network which is created in multiple layers . It is a favorite network of hackers and criminals . Dark Net is a famous network between criminals because of its anonymous identity features . Tracking of ip address of its users is so difficult .

How To User Access It

Tor Web Browser to access Darknet
Tor Web Browser to access 

Darknet is accessible by specific softwares or web browser such as TOR .  These multiple layers create overlay network to access dark net.

How It Works

Its’s working is complex . As i described in upper section ,it use non standard protocols to communicate with servers .Suppose user download and install TOR .These software user multi layered proxy servers .

These softwares  or web browser use non standard protocols or ports to communicate with dark net servers .

It means when user use TOR software to access Darknet network and go to specific website , it is difficult to trace ip address of user .

This is the biggest reason that it is a favorite network of hackers and criminals .

It is typically two types . One is friend to friend network . It is used for file sharing .