What is Graph – Complete definition

A Graph is a diagram with collection of edges and nodes . Graph showing the relations between two nodes or edges . These nodes or edges are measured along one of a pair of axes at right angles.

Graphs are used to compute paths of edges via using nodes .

Sample Graph
Sample Graph 1 .0

When an independent variable is represented on the horizontal or vertical line is called graph . In the upper image , graph represents the root map of train .

Grey big dots represent the station and lines with arrow represents the root . It mean the graph shows where is the next station of train and from which station the train comes .

Type of Graphs

plynyl graphs and arbitrary graphs .

Arbitrary Graph

Arbitrary graphs are the graph In which line can intersect and cross other line , is called arbitrary graph . image 1.0 is example of arbitrary  .

Plynyl Graphs

plynl graph 1.1
plynyl graph 1.1

plynyl graphs are the most accurate and clear way to create a graph . In which line are not intersect and cross other line , is called plynl graph . image 1.1 is example of plynyl .


Graph are very useful in about all of field .If it is business , electronics , engineering or mechanics . Graphs are used to create efficient algorithms .