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What Is HTTP Header – Complete Definition


HTTP Request Header

HTTP Header is the header information . As it’s name represents “Header” , it is the information on top of the http request . This information is in the form of text record .

Client computer request for something from web server using any web browser or any other form . Then in back end client computer or client server send the header information to Web host or web server .

Detailed Example

A person type the website URL in web browser and hit enter . Behind the screen web browser translate this website name or domain name into proper ip address and send this information to server .

With this information HTTP header is also sent . The request header contains the type, version and capabilities of the browser that is making the request . Server read this header information and return the data which is compatible with web browser and compatible with current version .

One more example

In this example tectrick.org is responsive website . User type www.tectrick.org in web browser hit enter . Web browser is Google Chrome , Version is 1.0 (suppose) and device is Smartphone with 380px and 460px screen resolution .

Know the question is what contains in header information ? 

In HTTP request header send the information to web server . Web server read this information and return the result . The result is location of tectrick.org on web server, Mobile friendly 380px and 460px resolution compatible version of website and which is also compatible with Google chrome .

In short Definition : Http request header contains the information which is used by web server to provide proper and device compatible results to client computer .