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What Is Incognito Mode In Web Browser ? Benefit & Disadvantage



Incognito mode is method to private internet surfing in web browser . It is used to secure and private internet surfing , so that no one steel your data .Incognito mode is used for anonymous and secured web surfing as well as testing the web applications .

incognito mode
incognito mode

Benefits of incognito mode


When you’re using a shared computer or a public place computer then surfing internet with incognito mode can help protect your privacy. In this mode , visited websites are not saved in the browser history.

To understand it with the following example

Suppose you are a regular visitor of tectrick.org . As you start typing first initials of website name in web browser such as “tec” .The instant suggestions will not displayed as displayed on normal surfing. See the following image . All of suggested links are displayed due to surfing data stored in browser history.

suggested-search according browser histry
suggested-search according browser histry

You can search every thing in search engine or type their URL directly in the address bar.

Your search results will never appear in list of most visited websites on the new tab page and it will not stored in auto complete URL  when you begin typing it into the address bar.

So no one can track your downloaded files . Because Files are stored in hard disk but not stored in download history .


Chrome Web browser example
Chrome Web browser example

Any cookies are deleted automatically in incognito mode browsing when the session or window is closed. It makes it ideal for personal security or business accounts security and banking transactions even in public computers.

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But keep one thing in mind . Incognito mode is not as secure as use of proxy servers .And it is also different from darknet and a secure web browser with hidden identity such as TOR .


Suppose you login to your email and account and forget to logout it. When the session is closed , sign in cookie is automatically deleted .So it prevent anybody from unintentionally or maliciously accessing your account.

Multiple sessions

In this mode cookies are not shared to other window . This is also a benefit . Because in some websites such as Facebook you can’t login to two accounts at same time .

But in this browsing mode cookies are not shared . So you can login to multiple accounts in multiple windows at same time .


  1. For example, you could open an incognito window and log in to your work facebook account while still logged into your personal account in a normal window. Similarly, if a friend comes to visit and wants to quickly check his Facebook account, you can open an in cognito window for him to use so you don’t have to log out of your own account.


Chrome downloads page without incognito mode
Chrome downloads page without incognito mode
  1. Web browser won’t save a record of the files you download in this mode.
  2. The downloaded files will be saved to your computer’s Downloads folder . So any other users of your computer can see and open them, even after you close your incognito tabs.
  3. Webpages that you open and files that you download while you’re incognito aren’t recorded in your browsing and download histories.
  4. All new cookies are deleted after you close all incognito windows that you’ve opened.

Changes you make to your web browser such as bookmarks and general settings are still saved .


Browsing the Internet in incognito mode increases your privacy and security but it doesn’t completely prevent from tracking .

For example you log in to a Google account in an incognito window . And perform a search in google then your search history is stored in google web history .

Even your internet service provider tracks that which page you visit in this browsing mode .

So the conclusion is that incognito mode is useful in some situations but not in all situations .


Tor web browser for safe and anonymous surfing .