What is LED display ?

LED is future of electronics.LED means light emitting diode.So an led display is a display with light emitting diode.In Led display , LED’s are use to display in a flat panel for display anything.An LED display panel can be a small display or it can be part of a larger display. LED diodes are used in order to make up an LED display. LED displays are also used in mobile phones ,tv’s , billboards ,store signs and many other electronic devices. An LED panel is a combination of several LED’s, where an LED display consists of several LED panels.

What is LEd display
What is LEd display

A LED is made with a semiconductor chip.This semiconductor chip is surrounded by a transparent plastic case.Reason for using the transparent case ,it allows the light to pass through it. The emission of light with different colors is made by diffrent type of semiconductor material.It emits ultraviolet and infrared light depends on the semiconductor material.

Uses of LED display?

Led display are used in various electronic devices .LED diode display is excellent way of reporting production information and constantly showing accurately updated figures in industrial machinery. Today almost all of latest smartphone manufacturer use led display as screen. LED display is also used in televisions ,electronic control panel of machines for display, sign boards, reception welcome boards,exhibitions and entertainment stage.

LED diode is more energy efficient than any other display source.Quality wise it is also high quality display with better control