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What Is OS or Operating System Definition


What is Operating System or OS

Operating system or OS  is a basic software or application to run a computer . It provide basic platform to start computer , Manage input and output on hardware , install and run other applications on computer . It manage power , disk space , processes , input -output and other basic tasks such as application installation and un-installation.

In one line definition operating system is a mediator software which can communicate with computer hardware as well as software .

Operating system working
Operating system working

It is the low-level or start level software . It supports a computer’s to run basic functions, such as operating mouse, operating keyboard etc . There are number of operating systems available in market .

Example of operating systems


Some of famous operating systems are

What operating system do

The operating system determines which applications should run . How to get input from input device . In which order process the data and how to display output on screen .

OS manage memory sharing of hardware . When you install application on computer , operating system help you to manage that in which disk drive (memory section) you can install this application .

OS provide use to do multi tasking at same time . Suppose in windows you installed Microsoft office and  Media player . From start menu you start MS World to write a letter ,At same time you minimize the MS World and start Media Player to listen music and after that you maximize the MS World window and resume letter typing . Letter typing and music playing is running on same time . This is also manage by operating system .