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What Is A QR Code -How To Create And Use QR Code


What is A QR code

QR code stands for Quick Response Code .It is a type of Barcode .It is a machine-readable optical label that contains information about the item to which it is attached. It is read by the QR codes reader applications .


A QR code is black squares arranged in a square grid on a white background as shown in upper image. This digital image contain information .This information can be read by an imaging device such as a compatible camera, bar code scanner or a smartphone etc .When device scan this square grid. It extract the data from the patterns that are present in the image.

Example : In the upper QR code contains URL of the this website “http://tectrick.org” . If you scan this code you will get the link “http://tectrick.org” .

Why QR Code Are Popular

The QR code system became popular due to its fast readability . Its  data storage capacity is greater than UPC barcodes. On other benefit of this coding system is that user can insert the large industrial data in it .

How To Create And Print QR Code To Use it

There are many Online application are avalablie to create or generate qr codes . Such as

you can create your own code using these free tools. After creating code save it as .pdf , .png , .jpg file format and print on a paper. After create it simply paste or tag this code image label on the product which data contains in the code .

How To Scan QR Codes


To scan QR codes you have required required scanning devices and scanning application to extract data from the code image . You can use bar code scanner, your smartphone or camera as a code reader device .Suppose you want to read a code using your smartphone then your have to download QR code reader application . Download the app , install it and scan the image code using the app .