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What Is StartUp Business And How To Start A New StartUp


What is startup business or company

A startup business is term to describe new business . But in this decade startup company meaning is changed . Now this term is used only for those businesses which are started with any innovative and new ideas . These ideas comes from general problems of people such as waste management . Entrepreneur convert this problem to opportunity , and generate income from manage waste . Bhangarchand.com is the example of new type of start up in India. This is a waste management company started by some teenagers with just Rs 1000/- on feb 2015 .

What is startup and how to start it
What is startup and how to start it

Future of startup business

Future of startups is bright. Problems are increasing day to day in our life such as traffic , low income , job transfers  . And solution providers or startups are as growing such as Ola cab for car polling , app for check traffic rout ,  OLX for by or sell old furniture . This is why , start up with new problem solving ideas has bright future .

How to start

If your idea is really innovative and people can easily reach on you then your business is successful . This is only one key of success . First and the most important thing to startup is passion and dedication . Because all of new idea finders face lots of problems ,it may be financial and social . Even your well known persons not show trust on these new ideas . At that time passion is one think that help you to keep it up and face these these situations .

Before start it study your marker ,may be your neighbors  . Survey the problem and solution and then go ahead .

Where to start

A new business or new startup is started from anywhere . Some type of business such as online service providing is started even from home with very low investment. Even India’s most popular shopping website “Flipkart.com” is started from just books selling locally . At present this is a largest startup of india .

So there is no matter ,where to start . Just find idea and try to fulfill with passion .