What is stem cell

Stem cell is undifferentiated cell of a multi cellular organism.This organism is capable for giving rise to indefinitely more cells of the same type or slightly different.From last decade the word Stem cell banking slightly gain popularity.Stem cell therapy is the future of  medical science.In medical science stem cell is very useful for recover from dangerous disease’s because of its reconstruction values.Stem cells are preserved in stem cell banks for use in future after ten’s of years.

Stem Cell Banking
Stem Cell Banking

Stem Cell Banking

Stemcell is biodegradable object so to prevent this, stemcell banking in required.In many countries stem cell banking facility going to start or started.To get stem cell and save in a stem cell bank three part are required.

  • placenta
  • umbilical cord
  • cord blood

Stem cell banking agent is prepared before delivery of baby.After immediately of delivery of baby hospital or stem cell bank agent place the placenta,umbilical cord and cord blood in gel kit.Gel kit temperature in -8 degree Celsius.In this kit these biological part preserved for 48 hours.This preservation for transportation purpose.

After this, gel kit transit to scheduled stem cell bank. In bank all these biological parts preserved in liquid nitrogen tank in -196 degree Celsius.

Uses of stemcell

Stem cell is used for recreate a body cell which is damaged by any  disease or any accident.