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What Is System Restore And How To Undo Changes In Windows


What Is System Restore

System restore is a Microsoft windows tool to undo latest hardware and software changes . Sometime when user install a new software and it not compatible with windows then the computer starts unexpected behavior . In other case user uninstall a software or required system driver incidentally and this driver un installation unstable your windows .

This unexpected behavior such as slow down down computer , unexpected shut down etc is due to new installed software or hardware is not compatible , corrupt or virus infected or uninstall is require for run windows operations. Then system restore tool help to undo the latest change and take the computer in last stat . With system restore ,user can uninstall last installed driver or reinstall ,incidentally uninstalled drivers

accessories and then system restore

Example :  User install a projector and install drivers for it on 12-10-2015 on computer . This hardware or driver is not compatible with windows version . In that case system can do unexpected behavior or may be slow down .

System Restore helps to solve it .After done system restore all of last change or desired date changes become null or void . So projector drivers are automatically uninstalled and registry is also removed from window .

How To Restore

select system restore point
select system restore point


Run System Restore

Go to start button or press windows button from keyboard . Then go to “All Programs” and then Accessories > System Tools . Under the system tools locate system restore and run it .

In this example , i uninstalled a software “core draw graphics” . suppose the un installation is dome accidentally .

Choose restore Point

In restore window click next . Select restore point . Restore points are automatically created every time when user install or uninstall application or drivers .

Choose the date from which you want to undo the change . All installations and un installations of some dates are displayed in list .

Select the date from list or action which you want to undo . So i select the first date ,when i uninstalled “corel draw graphics ” and click Next . In new window click “Next” . After that system restoration is started and can’t be stopped till it is completed .

After complete process ,computer is restarted and “corel draw graphics ” software in installed again .

Note : Automatically created restore points are helpful to undo changes ,but too much restore points occupy so much space of hard disk . So remove system restore files time to time to speed up computer and increase windows drive space.