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What Is Web Hosting -Types And Working


Web Hosting

Web hosting is hosting service provided by hosting companies ,for your files , webpage and applications . Getting Web hosting means you have provided a space on web server to store and retrieve your webpages, applications and other data .

Server is an other computer that can be accessed over the Internet . Learn more about web server .

Web hosting is business activity to provide storage or space on web server to store their data , webpages and applications.

Web Hosting on server
Web Hosting on server

How Hosting Works

In professional web hosting , your host provide you limited space on server according to your monthly or yearly plans . You can upload your webpages , data , or applications on this web server .

Hosting speed and space provided may vary according your plans . When you upload you webpage on web server , Anyone can access it if provide public permissions .

To access this specific server page user must type specific url (uniform resource locator) or ip address to access the web page .

Hosting Types

Generally, there are four different types of web hosting

  1. Shared Web hosting
  2. Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  3. Dedicated Hosting
  4. Cloud Hosting.

All types of hosting servers working style same .

Basic difference between all type , amount of storage capacity provided , control, technical support , server speed and reliability .