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What is A Website or Web page- Complete Definition


what is a website

Website is an web page or collection of multiple web pages. When a user create a website,it means he create a systematic collection of Web pages, images, videos and other downloadable products.

These Web pages written in HTML or any other language. Learn what is HTML . These collection of web pages are hosted on Web server. Most of normal websites(collection of web pages)are accessible for every one via Internet.

In the (collection of web pages) website ,there is a one index page. This index page is called the home page or main page. This home page is as the main gate to enter other pages.You can get to all the other pages on their site.

How to Access Website

A web site address starts from www. For example, you want to access tectrick’s website . Home page address of http://www.tectrick.org . It web address is called URL or universal resource locator .

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The home page address includes a specific file name like index.html but, as in Tectrick’s case, when a standard default name is set up, users don’t have to enter the file name.) Tectrick’s home page address leads to a few or thousands of web pages.

How a website works

As we know a web site is collection of webpage that are accessible via internet. These pages are commonly stored on a web server. When the internet user type the web address on web browser and click enter.

Web browser send request to server to send data of specific web page or web location . Server respond it and send the data of this webpage in form of HTML codes .

Web browser translate this page into human understandable format and webpage displayed on you screen.

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