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What You Didn’t Know About Pay Per Click Services!!!


The PPC means Pay Per Click which is one of the most powerful online marketing channels for every type of business from large scale to small businesses. The Pay Per Click services will provide you with the desired result in your pocket-friendly budget. In reality, it is a cost-effective method which does not require a fortune to provide desired results in Google.

So, here are some fun facts about the Pay Per Click marketing:

1. PPC Marketing and Smart Phones:

According to studies, 95% of traffic for Pay Per click derives from the mobiles. What does it reveal? It means that you need to come up with PPC ads that are mobile-friendly too. Focusing on desktop versions and not making advertisements that are mobile responsive could lose you up to 65% of the potential customers.

2. Re-marketing conversion rate:

the Click through Rate marketing ads may decrease over a period of time, but the re-marketing campaigns are worth your time and money. It simply reminds people to finish tasks to things that they have left in mid-way.

3. Call to Action:

Do you know that more than 52% of the people who click on the ad, call the advertiser? Which means that you have to potentially keep your company’s phone number where people can see them so that they could contact you immediately. Or Even better, take advantage of the click to call functionality that’s now offered by most major ad networks. All it is needed is for them to open a search engine, type in a keyword that best captures what they are looking for, and you will be there on the first page.

4. Increasing brand awareness:

The Call To Action button action redirects your audience to the website to help them gain better knowledge about what you can offer. The display Ads and video Ads are effective when a brand is to be made aware amongst the people.

5. Targets the potential audience:

The PPC campaign gives an exclusive option to target the potential users. The one that is more likely your buy your product or services and who are already looking for you.

6. Can be improved:

– You can go for the trial run of 2 to 3 weeks and see to it what works out for you and what doesn’t. This can be done by testing several things such as the ad designs, ad types, ad copies, and the keywords research and appropriate placement.

7. Top 3 theory:

It simply means the top 3 ads will get the utmost attention and if you are lucky enough to get your ad on the top, you are likely to have 46% more clicks on your page. One of the theories about this is that you should do the campaign on PPC if you are thoroughly done with SEO. The result of SEO+PPC is the best combination for the conversions.

8. Negative Keywords:

You obviously don’t want to include keywords that might affect your PPC campaign negatively, do you? These keywords that jeopardize the campaign’s success is called negative keywords. Some of the examples are  “free” or “cheap”.

9. Difference between paid and organic traffic:

If you have a misconception that your potential users will not click on such Google ads, it is a myth and it is certainly not true. The irony is they don’t even know whether they are clicking on PPC ad or organic search. So it is hard to believe that they will not click on your ads.

Wrapping up: The Pay Per click Services are being provided by many digital marketing companies, however, they cannot guarantee you the results. Clickmatix is a digital agency that provides Pay Per Click services to the customers which will surely increase ROI. If you are the one looking for a measurable, salable & predictable flow of traffic to your website, then Pay Per Click services of ClickMatix is the answer for you.