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Avoid Plugins Or Take Care Before Install Plugin In WordPress – Learn Why ?


Why avoid plugin or take care before install on wordpress

WordPress is most popular blogging script . As well as there are thousands of free and premium plugins are available on internet for it. But most of SEO experts and web security advisors tell about avoid plugins usage in wordpress or take special before choose and install it .Even google also tells about avoid plugins .

In this article i tell about some of basic reasons that are genuine according to me to say no to plugins usage or take care before choose plugins .

Slow down webpage loading

Plugin developer person or company develop it for promote his/her company or make money from it by selling the plugins . So developer place scripts , link and flash content in plugin which may redirect to developer website .

These scripts have no value for you , but they increase loading time of webpage . Even a premium may also have hidden scripts .  You can check that which can slow down your website by google pagespeed test  And P3 Profiler .

adsense-click-fraud-monitoring is an example which is popular plugin but slow down website . Even godaddy blacklist it .

Make errors after uninstall

Some of plugin writers are new to development . They do some basic mistakes in writing . In that case when user install these plugins and try to uninstall later on , uninstall is not conducted . So take in mind before download any new .

In that case you need to unistall plugin through control panel .

Security issues

Some of plugin writes are write free plugins only of website hacking purpose . WordPress ,blacklist these type of plugins time to time . But by mistake you install this type the plugin writer can steel your data or hack your wordpress website . InfiniteWP Client is the example .

Leave Footprint after uninstall

Vulnerable issue with some plugins is that when you uninstall them then they are not completely uninstalled . Then leave there foot prints behind them Such as ready graph . It tracks the user activity after un installation .

Compatibility issues

This is a major issue with many of wordpress users . WordPress realease updates regularly .Suppose you start wordpress website on year 2012 and install a plugin for display popular posts . At 2015 ,it is discontinued or stops to update it. But wordpress release updates regularly .

At that time wordpress developer face a major issue . That is make change it theme before remove plugin or develop new function for it .

So the conclusion is that if you want to add some new functionality in your wordpress using plugin ,then take care these factors before downloading it . Take care about the plug ins publisher and read reviews . So that run your WordPress website smoothly .