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WordPress is now ready to conquer the world of digital signage and advertising


WordPress in Digital Signage and Advertising

Digital signage and WordPress are gradually becoming inseparable. WordPress has been the king of CMS for years, but right now, this leading CMS platform is becoming the choice of platform for everyone involved in digital out of home advertising.

All kinds of LCD and LED platforms that can serve as displays for the OOH advertising, show heightened compatibility towards the use of WordPress as the mainframe of the slideshow, presentation or the advertisement content.

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Digital signage is indeed that simple. All you need to start a digital signage campaign is the content for your advertisement, the media platform that can play it, a robust CMS or CMS-like system that can store the content and manage it securely and a network that can cue the changes.

Over the last few years, we have seen the use of digital signage in schools, colleges, libraries, hospitals, hotels, and restaurants. Digital signage for schools and colleges has become quite mainstream, like digital signage in bus terminuses, train stations, and subways. Many people presume that digital signage is used only for branding purposes.

However, that is untrue. Several educational institutions are using these LED, LCD and plasma displays to convey updates about their organizations, upcoming events, current affairs, updates about weather and information about the examination, etc.

The entry of WordPress into the world of advertising

WordPress is no longer just the leading blogging platform. It is the framework for several digital signage presentations for educational institutions, hospitality businesses, and transport corporations.

It supports the introduction of dynamic content into the world of display ads. This CMS platform supports the swift growth of technology that is changing the face of advertising and communication faster than traditional media can grasp.

Easy on the pockets, easy on the tech

Even with all the popularity and accelerated development, WordPress is quite simple to use. Most people, who use WordPress as a platform for digital signage, do not know coding languages.

Wordpress is fast and easy to use
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Common people with a minimum idea of media files, media conversion, basic hosting, and media management can easily take care of digital displays in busy areas. It is a classic blend of simplicity and style that media fiends need to experience.

WordPress may be easy to master, but that does not make it expensive. This all-pervasive CMS platform is easy on the pockets as well. For any startup and small businesses, this platform is the ideal one for hosting all kinds of media files.

Even adding video and animations to the display media does not increase the cost of hosting or management significantly. Possibly, the best attribute of WordPress is – it is opensource.

This makes the amazing features and plug-ins of the leading CMS platform free for everyone’s use.

Better security at a lowered cost

“Cost-effective” makes a lot of alarm bells ring in the heads of the users and admins. However, after the 2016 security debacle, WordPress has tightened its leashes. The basic CMS templates now come with some security updates and patches.

The user accounts come with multiple authentication steps. It is not easy for hackers to break into the digital working environment through the backend anymore. WordPress now supports the encryption of display messages and content for better protection.

No more worries about rogue messages on the display boards or embarrassing content during your “air time.” WordPress has improved the backend UI for admin’s remote access and better protection from malware attacks.

Dynamic support system

Aside from “pretty” backgrounds and “aesthetic” transitions, WordPress themes often provide complete support for the dynamic content types brands and broadcasters need.

The dynamic content can include HD images, HD audio, video clips, and animations. WordPress’ beauty is not just visual. It is completely functional. Each element of beauty brings a functional element with it and offers each viewer a unique experience.

Wide scope of use

wide scope in wordpress

WordPress offers a very flexible framework. In fact, there are several themes and plug-ins in the factory right now that aim to conquer the world of two-way communication via touchscreens.

Several schools and colleges use digital displays coupled with touchscreens or response systems to gather survey data, collect payments, update registration data and even take attendance.

Without a flexible framework, it would be impossible to keep up with the demands of the end users and the advancement of gadgets that demand new (and dynamic) support systems every day.

Extensive compatibility

digital signage control panel in wordpress
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This CMS platform will give the advertisers to control their website and their display content from any device. You don’t necessarily have to sit in front of a master PC to control the display content or cue a video after a slideshow. You can always schedule the display events remotely from a mobile device.

WordPress shows compatibility with iOS, Windows, Linux and Android devices alike. So, whether you have a Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone or a smartphone, you can stay in complete control of your digital display and the content of the same.

A new generation of intuitive plug-ins

There are several plug-ins from WordPress that will help you stay in control 24×7. Although most of them are third-party plug-ins, they are almost always verified, user rated and compatible with all the popular operating systems.

Wordpress digital signage press plugin

While some of the plug-ins are simple enough to add transition effects or scroll animations to your website, others can help you maintain the website database. WordPress derives power from HTML 5 and CSS 3, in most cases.

Therefore, it is indeed the most versatile and pliable of all platforms that claim to support digital content for LCD, LED and plasma OOH advertisings.

Digital signage may not be very new, thanks to the flood of display boards at airports, train stations, and bus stops. Even the endless shine of digital displays that are replacing the neon signs in Vegas too are ushering a new era of out of home advertising.

WordPress is becoming ubiquitous to almost all digital display plans thanks to its cost-effectiveness, flexibility, versatility and enhanced security.