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WordPress Plugin Error -Unable To Create Directory


Error : WordPress plugin installation “unable to create directory”

This error comes when you try to install new plugin in wordpress or update and old plugin . When you try to install plugin ,wordpress show error “unable to create directory” . Mainly it has two reasons for this error .

First reason is , this is permission based issue . Learn what is permission .

Second is, you are not authorized user on Apache server .

Solution 1

If you are unable to install or update plugin from wordpress dashboard , then download plugin file on desktop. Try to upload plugin file on plugins folder of wp-content using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) , such as FileZilla client .

If you don’t know how to install plugin via ftp then click this link for video help.

After upload plugin file via ftp if plugin still not working or error comes “unable to create directory” , then try the Solution 2 .

Solution 2

If solution one is not working then , it may be permission problem in wp-content directory or plugins folder . Login to c Panel and go to plugins folder under wp-content folder .

Right click on plugins folder and click on change permissions in the menu . Set the folder permission to 777 and save .

Learn how to change file permission

After that go back to WordPress dashboard and try to install and new plugin or try to update plugin . Know plugins are easily installed without any error .

Go back to plugins forlder in cPanel . Right click on plugins folder and change the permission to 755 . Know your problem is solved .

Note: step change permission 755 of plugins folder is very necessary , otherwise this cause a security issue of your wordpress website .

Video Help