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WordPress- Choose Plugin Name Carefully @ Plugin Writing


How to choose a wright wordpress plugin name & why it is important

Why WordPress plugin name is important

When you write a wordpress plugin, choose a wright plugin name. This is an important thing that can be noticed. Plugin name play a big role for good working of plugin.

Noticeable things on Plugin Name

When you write wordpress plugin notice some basic factors for your plugin is working well.

Plugin name represents ,what will do the plugin

The first task is when you create WordPress plugin is that create plugin , Choose plugin name which represents its work from name. Suppose you are going to write plugin for add meta tags in head section. Then try to choose plugin name which include the word “meta” or “meta tags” .So it represent plugin is usable for meta tags.

Wordpress Plugin Name
WordPress Plugin Name

Multiple words in name

Choose multiple worded names for your plugin. so user can easily understand your plugin function from plugin name. Example: “meta tag generator“.

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Choose unique name

Choose a unique name for your plugin. This is most important thing which you will remember. According to wordpress website 38,176 plugins at present today for wordpress. In the upper example, i choose plugin name “meta tag generator” . But this may not be a unique name for plugin.

If any other plugin exist with same name of plugin, And plugin user install both plugins intentionally on non intentionally  then  user’s wordpress website not working well and creating some errors.

This is due to wordpress understand the plugin from its’s name. Two same named plugin but different functions obviously create errors on wordpress installation. So this type of plugins are not liked by users.

Create uniqueness in upper name add one another unique word not related with plugin. You can add your company name , your pet name etc. Example : choose “jonny meta tag generator” rather than “meta tag generator”.

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