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How To Find WordPress Installation Root Folder


Go To Softaculous To Find WordPress Installation Root Folder

To Find wordpress root folder Login to cPanel .  After that go to software and services . Locate softaculous and click on it . Know you are in softaculous window .

Softaculous All Installations
Softaculous All Installations

In the upper right corner of the softaculous click on all installations button . All installed scripts shown in this page . Find your domain name in which you install the wordpress .

Example : If you installed wordpress script on example.com domain , then locate http://www.example.com in the wordpress section . If you do multiple wordpress installations in subfolders , then more than one urls are displayed .

Wordpress Installation Root Folder
WordPress Installation Root Folder

just like http://example.com ,http://example.com/test , http://example.com/new/ In this condition http://example.com , http://example.com/test is the root-folder of wordpress installations .

Click on the human icon to find your installation roots of folder . This is the admin url of your wordpress installation .  For see video help to locate root folder click here .

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