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ShortCode – What Is ShortCode In WordPress


What is shortcode

ShortCode is term used in wordpress . Short Code is built in feature in wordpress . Short codes are introduced in wordpress 2.5 version . These are used to creating macros for used in posts or pages .

In wordpress user can’t and any function or any php code in between the post or the page .


For example you want to add two text boxes and a submit button in specific post or page . You want that  ,when user click on submit button ,then both text boxes values are added . Add sum of these values are display in message box .

To user this submit button you need to “onclick()” . But problem is that by default you can’t use onclick() between specific post or page . Short code solve this problem . User add this onclick function in post using a short code .

How shortcode works

By default WordPress trim the php codes and functions from pages or posts . When user try to add php code in post or page , code is filtered from it or commented out .

With shortcode , user add php code in function.php file or plugin and paste this shortcode keyword in the page where user want to insert this php code .

For more details about shortcodes see this link.


Short code syntax is [ ShortcodeName ] . It starts with angle bracket ” [ “then short code “name” and  “] “angle bracket close .