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Create WordPress Sitemap Step by Step Guide


What is sitemap and How to create wordpress sitemap

In  Wordpress Sitemap  is a list of web page which are accessible to search engine crawlers or users . Sitemap file is as text file, .xml file or may be many other formats. Different search engines user different type of sitemap file format.

For Example Most popular search engine’s Google crawler use sitemap.xml file as sitemap file. Sitemap is play a great role in search engine optimization of website. To increase visibility on website by search engines submit sitemap to search engine.

Click on the link to generate wordpress sitemap
Click on the link to generate wordpress sitemap

Create wordpress sitemap with plugin

In WordPress website ,You have no need to create sitemap file manually. Many free plugins are available for create wordpress sitemap. Some of famous plugins list as follows.

Plugins to create wordpress sitemap

  •  XML Sitemap & Google News feeds
  • Sitemap
  • Sitemap Generator for Webmasters
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast

In this article i use WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin to create sitemap. The reason is to use this plugin, it’s included many other features to improve seo of wordpress website.

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Exclude anything from wordpress sitemap
Exclude anything from wordpress sitemap

Download and install plugin

To download this plugin login to your wordpress dashboard. Download plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast and install it. To download and install plugin read the article .

After install plugin go back to wordpress dashboard and click on SEO tab. This tab is showing after installation of yoast plugin. Click on it

Know click on XML sitemaps. Click on Post Types tab. Click on the checkbox to enable sitemap functionality in wordpress. In this tab you can select the items ,which you can exclude from sitemap.

Example: You don’t want to create sitemap for images and videos of website, then select Media(attachment) to ( √ ) . By default all items are included in sitemap ,if you not exclude it.

As same in the Taxonomy tab you can exclude category , tags or Post formats.

After all work done, come back to General tab. Click on XML sitemap button. Your website’s sitemap is created automatically and a new sitemap page open. This is your sitemap url displaying in web browser.

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Click here to see the video help to create wordpress sitemap . Know the final step is to submit sitemap to search engines like Google, Bing. know Submit sitemap to google. To submit your sitemap to google read this .